Avoid flat tires

Get every mile out of your tires

With regular rotation and balancing, your tires will share the wear and tear of the road equally. You paid for 50,000 miles - let us help you by making sure you get every one of them!

Tire services:

Tire alignments

Another great way to reduce the damage the road does to your tires is getting your wheels aligned. If you find yourself tilting the wheel just to drive straight, do your tires a favor and bring your car in for alignment.

 • Tire repairs

 • Tire rotation and balancing

 • Tire installments and tire mounts

 • 2 and 4 wheel alignments

Driving on bald tires is at least a blowout waiting happen - possibly an accident! Make sure your car or truck is equipped with tires that can handle anything the road can throw at you.


You'll find new and used tires from the most trusted names in the business at Serr’s Towing & Auto - stop by today and compare prices.


Our techs also provide tire repair and patching services.

Need to have your car towed for tire repairs or replacement?

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