Fast transmission service

Manual and automatic repair

Whether your car has a standard transmission or an automatic transmission, we'll be able to help. Our mechanic has years of experience dealing with all levels of transmission repair and replacement.

Transmission repair:

Transmission-related system service:

 • Axle repairs

 • Clutch repairs

 • 4-wheel drive services

 • Fast service

 • Foreign and domestic transmissions

 • Automatic transmissions

 • Manual transmissions

 • Transfer case repairs

When your car's shifting pattern changes, it starts falling out of gear, or you hear funny noises while shifting, bring your car into Serr’s Towing & Auto for immediate inspection.


Our experienced mechanic will quickly identify the issue and fix your transmission or clutch quickly.


There's no reason to wait - if you think something is wrong, bring it in today!

Need to have your car towed for engine and transmission service? No problem - give us a call for 24-hour towing!

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