FREE brake inspections available

Sometimes you don't need a check

When you hear your car start to squeal every time you press on the brakes, that's a sign that your pads are running thin and need to be replaced. Don't wait - after the pads are gone, your rotor starts to get damaged!

Fast brake repair:

Complete brake service:

 • Brake pads

 • Brake discs

 • Brake drums

 • Brake rotors

 • Brake replacement and repair

 • Clean and adjust rear brake

 • FREE brake inspection

 • Fast brake service

Understanding that the ability to brake is your car's most active safety feature, Serr’s Towing & Auto is proud to offer FREE brake inspections! Just bring your car down to the shop, and you'll get a no-obligation check on your brakes.


When it comes to safety, we'd rather err on the side of caution.


If our mechanic identifies any potential issues, our shop offers full brake repair and replacement services.

Need to have your car towed for brake repair service?

No problem - give us a call for

24-hour towing!

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